Tracy And What She’s About :)

TPhoto_00025Hi everyone,

My name is Tracy and i just wanted to showcase all the good things about England.I am 46 live in London for my sins,i love chatting to people online as i dont get to go out as i have emphesema and osteoporosis in my back,so i live my life through my PC and its quite interesting you get to find out so much and ive met some lovely people.So i decided to show the good side of England as we do get bad press in the way they only report on the bad things that happen and we are worth so much more.We know the crappy stuff happens it does everywhere so i would like to show the good stuff,so please if you have something posertive too add please do.I am English and i am proud to be!

Law of Attraction Quote of the Day:
It is natural that by knowing what you
do not want, you are able to clarify what
you do want; and there is nothing wrong
with identifying a problem before beginning
to look for a solution. But many people, over
time, become problem oriented rather than
solution oriented, and in their examination and
explanation of the problem, they continue the
perpetuation of the problem. That which is like
unto itself, is drawn—so tell the story you want
to live and you will eventually live it.

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