Are We Surprised?…………..

Hell No! Ha! this is so laughable,we all know these criminal’s are here,and now the POLICE are asking US to help them too find these criminals,rapist’s,murderer’s,child molester’s the worst of the worst pondlife,that the immigration has let in,This like i said too savvy people is no big surprise.We see the Eastern European’s driving around in […]

Council Tax Disgust…….

                                                The Poorest Are Hit Once Again! Amazing,truly amazing……the poorest in our country,our own people,as the immigrant’s are well looked after,the people on benefits or tax credit’s are going to have to pay some of the council tax from April which before due to their status monewise were deemed by government unable to pay so were […]

This is disgusting…………

                                                                                            Illegal Immigrants. Well,well,well no wonder our country is going down the drain.Up the road from me is a cemetary,but no-one from round here can be buried there as the plot’s have all been bought by Africans annoying? oh yes but it get’s worse.I live near the river and was astounded one day as when […]

Proud To Be English.

                                   Proud To be                                        English! When you say your proud to be English for some reason people take offence? why? It’s laughable,even Scottish people have a problem with it! I am not about to apologise about my heritage and where i come from,so if your waiting for that you best go away as it is not going to […]