Are We Surprised?…………..

Hell No!illegal_immigrationimmigration

Ha! this is so laughable,we all know these criminal’s are here,and now the POLICE are asking US to help them too find these criminals,rapist’s,murderer’s,child molester’s the worst of the worst pondlife,that the immigration has let in,This like i said too savvy people is no big surprise.We see the Eastern European’s driving around in top of the range motors with apparently no jobs? We have asian men who have no reguard whatsoever for English women and girl’s,hence the latest batch appearing in court for raping young vulnerable girls,just swiping them off the street mainly outside children’s home’s,or seducing them with promise’s of money and such item’s as mobile phone’s.It is time we stopped this now!,i believe if an immigrant commit’s a crime we should send them back and their family,no paying for prison,make them sell what they have to go toward the ticket and get them the hell out,and then close our border’s.Soon we are going to be invaded by Bulgarian’s and Romanian’s,they won’t be checked if they are muderer’s,child abuser’s or rapist’s they will come straight in be given a house and money.You can bet that their will be solicitor’s awaiting them,to get them everything while our own people are going to foodbank’s.This is not good enough,where will it end,i had a Romanian gypsy spit at me in London when i didn’t give them money,they teach their children to pick-pocket.Do we want these people,no we don’t! Within a year or so Mr Policeman will be on TV again like this morning,asking us to help catch them.The onus should be on immigration NoT to let them in!

If you wish to know if any of these dangerous criminals are your neighbour,check out the mugshot’s,there’s many!

                                             Stop It Now!

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