Council Tax Disgust…….


                         The Poorest Are Hit Once Again!thCAPTEXSV

thCAM23FLNAmazing,truly amazing……the poorest in our country,our own people,as the immigrant’s are well looked after,the people on benefits or tax credit’s are going to have to pay some of the council tax from April which before due to their status monewise were deemed by government unable to pay so were given the full council tax benefit.Nothing has changed with their situation,for whatever reason may it be disability or being stuck on minimum wage due to the immigration as company’s aren’t going to pay a sensible wage when the foreigner’s will work for minimum wage so everyone has to work on minimum wage in some job’s usually unskilled,or where they live there just isn’t no job’s.Once again this is not happening in Scotland and Wales just to us English,people who are already attending food banks who live in the poorest and run down area’s are being bashed once again,what is it the government want everyone living on the street,because that is what will happen.People don’t choose to living on benefits there is usually circumstance’s that make them have to live this way and it’s depressing enough already. The government say it will make people go to work i don’t think they realise some area’s have no job’s,i think it may rise the suicide rate.And exactly the same time the highest earner’s will be getting tax breaks?So the English loose again,well i have had enough,how about you?And you no what really pisses me off the advert’s on T.V asking for money for foreign people,when people here are starving,let’s make an advert for us!

Lets get this sorted,let;s take care of our own!


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