Proud To Be English.

                                   Proud To be TPhoto_00071


When you say your proud to be English for some reason people take offence? why? It’s laughable,even Scottish people have a problem with it! I am not about to apologise about my heritage and where i come from,so if your waiting for that you best go away as it is not going to happen! I understand alot of people may be jealous as we have great history,and some people don’t like it because they are maybe ashamed of their country,is that my fault? NO! Ok we made a mistake by joining up with Europe but that was down too Tony Blair who signed us up too everything as he wanted to be head of Europe,is he?NO! So what we have now is mass immigration,these people could be rapist’s,child molester’s or terroist’s.One thing for sure is that this is why the health service is knackered like the schools,housing and social security bill.Why did we let a radical muslim preach in the middle of the street in north London,because if the police arrested him he would squeal about human rights like they all do,because Tony Blair signed us up it is ridiculous.One radical muslim was just released out of prison and put under house arrest,was given a five bedroom house and live’s off hands out’s off the government and you can guarantee his solicitor paid for again by the tax payer make’s sure he screw’s as much as he can out of our system which is mean’t to be a safety net,Jordon want him but because of his human right’s we carn’t send him.Tony Blair has alot to answer for and his wife being a human right’s lawyer doesn’t help.Our own people are sleeping on the street or on friend’s sofa’s because there is no housing for them as the foriegner’s have got them,this has to change,we should come first!.We fought 2 world war’s and won,imagine what those poor old soldier’s who lost friend’s and saw awful thing’s,think about the state of the country now,i imagine they wonder if it was worth it!We should of stood alone,and we should pull out of Europe as soon as possible,and close our border’s.Then do a sweep of the country round up all the immigrant’s and send them back.I love my country,but i ate what’s happening to it.Here’s an instance Mr jones wants to build an extension and is turned down by town planning.Mr Mohammed want’s to build a mosque and is given a helping hand,is this right?,no it isn’t,half the immigrants carn’t speak english,they don’t even try,it’s time to get rid,and reclaim our country NOW!We are in a triple dip recession for god’s sake.Rant over for now,i will get onto what we have to be proud of,but i had to highlight this,i couldn’t write this site without including what could be the demise of my country if we don’t act now,the government need’s to grow spine’s,and the bloody French want to stop sending them over!

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